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Mumbles I regret nothing

Sombra x Cadance is very important to my mlp next generation, really, like how Shining Armor x Chrysalis is very important (because it sends some characters in completely new directions) also dark queen!Cadance or whatever she can be called, very important

Anyway, have some SomDance since I've been in a pony mood for a while and watching both the season finale and Legend of Everfree movie recently made me have to draw something

King Sombra and Princess Cadance-My little pony
safe1600279 artist:creamecream21 king sombra12966 princess cadance30782 alicorn202656 pony869111 umbrum1029 unicorn278922 alternate character interpretation42 alternate scenario321 alternate universe9710 armor22071 bevor45 boots19498 chestplate119 clothes419594 colored horn542 colt13542 corruptance14 corrupted2520 corrupted cadance18 criniere12 croupiere12 crown14857 crystal empire2125 crystals in hair4 crystals on body9 cuirass25 curved horn6027 dark magic2490 dark queen206 disembodied horn87 evil cadance130 fangs22254 fauld17 female1272865 foal14995 gorget62 horn49627 jewelry53999 magic67412 male338472 next generation5767 peytral2869 plackart12 possessed1601 queen cadance14 queen cadence12 regalia17340 shoes31594 sombra eyes3174 sombra's cape61 sombra's horn96 sombra's robe25 tack3948 tiara3354 traditional art110172 tyrant cadance16


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