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Live footage of Hasbro canceling EG despite the plans the writers had…
semi-grimdark28075 artist:the-ultimate-dude2 sunset shimmer58324 equestria girls185434 buy our toys49 fuck you231 gray background6103 gun14901 hasbro2150 hasbro studios556 hate art55 imminent death2303 imminent murder172 lucifer hasbro119 meme79284 middle finger1064 parody15292 simple background354828 troll586 trollface421 vulgar19485 weapon28075


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Rainbow Dash
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A Tale For The Ages - Celebrated MLP's 35th Anniversary and FiM's 8th Anniversary
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@Background Pony #7453
No I left it out on Purpose. I'm the guy who made the damn picture! Don't tell me what the reason for what I did, Cuz I already know, Cuz I am the person who did it, Duh.

"well i still understand talk english,dude"
Chang is that you? How many times do I have to tell you to fuck off!
A Tale For The Ages - Celebrated MLP's 35th Anniversary and FiM's 8th Anniversary
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How? People do this kinda stuff all the time.

Making hate art against something isn’t inherently bad, it’s the person themselves that would be the problem if they take it too far and I can assure you, I am a perfectly sane person.
Background Pony #7453
detalis on description :
Live footage of Hasbro canceling EG despite the plans the writers had…

Jokes aside…I fucking hate Hasbro.

Why you may ask? Well It's cuz:

They axed plans for various episodes that would have been great (Showing Diamond Tiara actually Redeeming herself and Zecora's homeland for example) Yet allowed obviously bad ideas to go though (Dicklord as Grogar, Anyone?)

They Axed numerous Fan projects for cuz "Muh Copyright" (anyone remember when Button Mash and Fighting is magic were going to be huge things? At least FIM became a different game, so it kinda still happened. Button? Nah fam. Shit's dead)

And last but not least, Axed Equestria Girls (which got me into the show in the first place, So now it's personal) despite the writers having plans for more stuff. Like From what I've seen they had great ideas and possible development for the human world. Not to mention all the potential like: Counterparts of Characters who haven't appeared yet in the world being introduced(Discord, Chrysalis, Cozy, Tirek) Exploring how different the Humans are to there Pony world counterparts, How much magic will affect this world, Sunset deciding which world is her true home, how much a person can be corrupted by magic, Giving more screen time to certain characters so they can also develop (Flash, Timber, Wallflower) Etc.

But no…Instead we Get "Pony Life". A Mediocre TTG wannabe…THAT GETS 2 SEASONS! Why the fuck are you giving THAT 2 seasons, Yet aren't letting the EG team do their stuff!? Why not just take a giant vat of salt and funnel it right into our wounds while your at it!

Ugh…Basically Hasbro fucked over Potential stories and Fan Works, And yet has allowed a bunch of shit to happen at the same time…And for all of this (And probably more regarding other stuff they own) They are going into my Shit list for Companies. Fuck Assbro.

(Oh and I brought back an Old Character of mine, That guy in the pic, He's my OC TrollFace McDouce. He's gonna be a stand in for owners of shitty companies and stuff)

hmm… i think not just hasbro,director ceo was big problem than name-call brand.
why not change director?