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A picture I did of Sci-Twi in a cute and sexy swimsuit.
suggestive130933 artist:etcheddaydream11 sci-twi22227 twilight sparkle286170 equestria girls185378 big breasts72357 boob window1114 breasts249377 busty twilight sparkle10974 cameltoe7894 cleavage31854 cute183669 erect nipples9045 female1273421 nail polish7079 nipple outline6494 sexy25917 simple background354661 skintight clothes727 solo992549 solo female170000 thighlight sparkle498 thighs9468 thunder thighs7042 transparent background183765 wide hips14265


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9 comments posted
Background Pony #2650
@Darth Sonic
Politicizing? I'm mocking the people who think like this if they were to walk outside wearing this getup. Nothing wrong with the art (maybe the tiny head, but I think that's just me. At least I think it's tiny; I can't tell anymore).
Background Pony #B5F7
I think we've got us a serial negative commenter on the loose. Seen loads of negative Background Pony comments on anthro images specifically. Strange wording too, helps prove that it's the same person. Makes you wonder what drives some people.
Background Pony #2650
"I'm so sick of men sexualizing us! I better do it myself; that'll show 'em!
Why is dressing like a slut making people look at me like a slut?! Why isn't this ending sexism?!
This is empowering somehow!"