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This is another piece I did for someone over on discord, I already posted a thing but it wasn't from my account because I was a bit confused.

I hope anyone who sees this likes my art, if you want something of your own requested then feel free to dm me over on Instagram!


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Well to the best of my knowledge, to make a new tag/IE filter, you click on the filter icon that looks like a funnel next to the envelope(on the top bar), and click the link to make new filter. And you may wish to add the characters name as well.

That's as much as I know, that aside I don't think you needed to use the three tags with mlp in them, and I don't know why you have both the brony and pegasister tags; no offence I don't think both are needed

Hey Alli, something to note on this site is to add your artist tag as well before posting, as it's thru the tags that peeps here are able to watch/fav artists.