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Left to right:

Applejack x Discord- CJ
-AJ was the first mare from the mane 6 who became a child, even though she didnt really wanted to have CJ first since she and discord only had a -one night stand -
Still when she gave birth to CJ she couldn't resist in keeping her (AJ is married for 3 years with Caramel now)

Pinkie pie x Cheese santwich — Ashley, Li'l Cheese and Strawberry shortcake
-Ashley was pinkies first born child shortly after cheese and pinkie married they became there second daughter Li'l Cheese and 4 years ago they welcomed there third child Strawberry shortcake
(In my mane ng li'l cheese is a boy so I made him to a girl now)

Double diamond x Rarity- Jewelry, Tripple diamond and Edward
- Jewelry was there first born daughter 2 years after that rarity became her daughter Triple diamond tho in the age of 5 Triple didn't felt good in her body anymore and after a long disguise she became a gender swap, 4 year ago rarity became Edward her youngest child he learned fast that Trple once was a girl but he still doesn't understands it, thats why he mostly trys to keep his distance from Triple

Twilight x Flash — Star sign and Ghost flash
- Star sign is Twilights first born child he was a wish kid for a long time and sence he is such a perfect stallion he gets loved from everyone like his little brother Ghost flash tho what Star sign and flash doesnt know is that Twilight didn't became Ghost with Flash together..

Fluttershy x Big mac- Blossom and Honey sun
- (now in my second ng I changed some things, Discord and flutter shy never became close friends and Big Mac and Sugar bell never became a couple)
Blossom was born shortly after AJ became CJ Blossom always wanted to be the only child From Big Mac and Flutter shy but when Honey sun was born she couldn't resist in loving her.

Rainbow dash x Soarin- Rain storm, Li'l midnight and Storm rain
- Rainbow became her child after all the others did she never really wanted to be a mother but when she became l'il midnight she changed and became a awesome mother 5 years later rainbow became her twins Rain storm (boy) and storm rain (girl) they both are very similar to rainbow when she was young unless like li'l midnight who is pretty slefish but still cares a lot for others and puts them in front of her.

Bases by selenaede and shiibases
safe1659503 artist:selenaede1662 artist:shiibases76 artist:xxcheerupxxx10 li'l cheese480 oc655689 oc only433040 oc:ashley71 oc:blossom124 oc:cj13 oc:edward17 oc:ghost flash1 oc:honey sun1 oc:jewelry3 oc:li'l midnight1 oc:rain storm3 oc:star sign1 oc:storm rain2 oc:strawberry shortcake38 oc:tripple diamond1 earth pony231763 hybrid17465 pegasus273621 pony923517 unicorn304322 the last problem5448 base used18245 brother and sister4005 brothers796 earth pony oc6458 female1322339 flying36805 foal15196 horn59518 interspecies offspring6823 male357539 next generation5873 offspring36955 parent:applejack3658 parent:big macintosh2961 parent:cheese sandwich1713 parent:discord3077 parent:double diamond254 parent:flash sentry2867 parent:fluttershy4539 parent:pinkie pie3873 parent:rainbow dash5350 parent:rarity3937 parent:soarin'2327 parent:twilight sparkle7918 parents:applecord35 parents:cheesepie1462 parents:diamond duo18 parents:flashlight2460 parents:fluttermac1281 parents:soarindash1735 pegasus oc8766 ponyville5592 siblings7775 sisters8342 unicorn oc6965 wings97463


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