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Commission for me
safe1755037 artist:chibadeer335 roseluck5197 earth pony267802 human159316 pony1014949 behaving like a cat2249 blushing205258 boop7612 chest fluff41426 collar34667 commissioner:doom9454308 confused4902 cute206216 cuteluck213 daaaaaaaaaaaw4700 ear fluff31430 female1405752 floppy ears54766 fluffy14736 frown23645 hand9081 high res33181 mare504154 neck fluff848 pet tag1808 pony pet815 question mark4721 rosepet301 shoulder fluff1960 simple background410539 sitting65768 solo focus17542 underhoof53922 white background102882 wide eyes17435


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I never booped a cat, so I have no idea how one would react to such an action. For all I know, Roseluck could be representing felines with complete accuracy.
from personal experience they sniff your finger and then lick it if they like you :3
In my experience barely any cat even remotely liked me, more like tolerated, but when I boop a cat or a kitten they just act like nothing happened. Even when I booped for 2nd time right after. That’s why I’m wondering if cats even feel the boop.
So it’s pretty damn boring to do to a cat, so I’m not bothering trying it anymore.