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safe1806581 artist:jedayskayvoker689 oc746058 oc only556007 oc:littlepip4308 oc:velvet remedy1153 pony1144624 unicorn366367 fallout equestria18229 blushing213311 clothes497408 cutie mark51829 duo81860 fanfic10711 fanfic art15442 gay29840 high res68518 hooves18891 horn87856 jacket14074 male406492 open mouth165389 pipbuck3699 raised hoof51319 rule 6328354 sitting68803 stallion124661 standing14315 vault suit3752


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Wallet After Summer Sale -

So if Homage was able to get Pip flustered as a mare, what sort of perverse, embarassing, pucker-clenching dirty little secrets would he reveal on air as a stallion?
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