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safe1600472 artist:jargon scott2167 artist:tjpones3323 edit121678 princess cadance30783 princess flurry heart6522 queen chrysalis33074 shining armor21890 alicorn202687 changeling42069 changeling queen13341 pony869361 unicorn279059 apron3903 bipedal31240 cadance is not amused87 chalice49 clothes419685 comic102358 cute183592 cutealis2079 father and child525 father and daughter2296 female1273088 flurrybetes863 food63099 glasses55867 husband and wife1309 implied infidelity324 implied shining chrysalis30 implied shipping4509 implied straight5162 like father like daughter44 macaroni32 male338532 mare432824 mother and child1471 mother and daughter5269 necktie6449 nerd839 nerdy heart62 older23843 older flurry heart1131 oven mitts181 pasta383 shining adorable519 stallion95938 sweater13321 unamused14355


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Background Pony #B6CF
>"Chrysalis, why are you even here? You don't eat food. You eat love."
>"I'll have you know that Changelings are connoisseurs when it comes to canned pasta products!"
>"These aren't canned."
>"I never dreamed such a thing could exist!"
>"I can't decide whether you're trolling."
>"And they are all shaped like Spongebob Squarepants! How delightful!"
>"You're genuinely impressed by this."
>"Aren't you?"
>"They come in a box, you know."
>"Truly, this is an age of miracles."
Silver Bit -
Happy Derpy! -

Chrysalis: I have no idea what it is, but I love feeling like I'm part of the family! I also love making life harder for Cadance! Spongebob Macaroni!

Mi Amore Cadenza: "Chrysalis, you only want them because I would make them out of love for my Family. Why can´t you be sastisfied with the Food I prepare with love."