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suggestive148593 artist:magnaluna1043 princess celestia96890 twilight sparkle306622 alicorn233516 anthro270215 adorasexy10150 belly button81568 big breasts86348 blushing205188 breast overpour193 breasts289483 busty princess celestia10610 cleavage35721 cleavage fluff877 clothes477184 crown18022 cute206163 cutelestia3679 eye clipping through hair6490 eyes on the prize5579 female1405240 floppy ears54745 jewelry68707 lesbian99433 nom3102 raspberry1040 regalia21223 sexy30778 shipping206109 stockings34308 thigh highs38290 tongue out108601 twiabetes12295 twilestia2550 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126363


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Looks like the start of a Princess war—Youth and enthusiasm vs old age and treachery. Celestia will probably be the winner either way it goes.