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safe1598308 artist:akeahi45 princess celestia90394 alicorn202192 pony867703 angry24631 bust42964 colored pupils8813 cute183221 cutelestia3289 expressions867 female1271298 floppy ears47004 frown21657 gray background6074 grin33892 gritted teeth10642 happy28362 lidded eyes27628 looking down7289 mare431739 portrait28922 sad22911 simple background353677 smiling220691 solo990794 squee1923 worried3530


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Background Pony #11D6
Top Row.
Seeing cake —→ Not being able to eat it yet —→ Being told no to having it.

Bottom Row.
Watching the cake being taken out of the room —→ Thinking about not being able to have any of it. —→ Having enjoyed a piece of it finally.