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The colored version of Twilight Sparkle after 10 magical years passed by! The whole journey has been one heck of a fun ride, and I wanna stay on that ride for as long as possible!

Throughout coloring Twilight, I've been listening to music that has brought in nostalgia, happiness, and great memories. Music from the Halo games, The Last Of Us, Fallout, you name it! I'll admit, even thinking about the journey we all had with each other and with these amazing ponies; it brought a couple of tears to my eyes. Tears of joy that I'm proud I shed!
safe1707119 artist:straighttothepointstudio83 edit132560 twilight sparkle300408 alicorn224558 pony968233 mlp fim's tenth anniversary582 the last problem5800 book33497 colored19478 crown16954 crying43586 ear fluff29584 ethereal mane7974 female1363722 glowing horn19670 happy31242 happy birthday mlp:fim1304 horn67362 jewelry63733 levitation12123 long mane3306 magic73296 mare480944 memories189 older26723 older twilight1672 princess twilight 2.02364 regalia19946 smiling248657 solo1064701 tears of joy2523 telekinesis27741 traditional art117851 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123685


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