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A Cute and wonderful Birthday Commission I payed for. Painted and done by Darkanine121212 on FA! His Commission slots are stil open so go check him out if you want a piece!

This was also based on an RP with a good friend named Soundsystem. Sort of but still the design is quite great!

Silverstream was quite the hyperactive and giddy lil Griff when she was brought to life by the Animation Spell that Brendan used upon her, Thorax and Celestia simultaneously at the same time. She had some difficulty while going through the stages of animation like going into the kitchen and causing an accidental mess when her joints were still too stiff to move and her beak was muffled which of course was a bit impulsive but Brendan did understand that she was just trying to help. Now fully alive and animate Silver was just as over-excitable and cute as ever! Just hugging and tackling out of fun as her squishy rubbery body was bound to make the most fun and relaxing squeaks in the whole universe! And when Brendan became An inflatable Cadence by the now animate Celestia she was overjoyed to just stretch his now her mouth and lay on her like a real pooltoy in which the now Princess just giggled and let her be with her antics.

Thus today was almost Brendan's or Cadences Birthday of her becoming 21 on the 17th of October this summer. As also, Cadence/Brendan was learning how to use levitation magic, the most rudimentary spell for all Unicorns and Alicorns alike to use certain items magically without the need for hands or any dexterity, a very nifty thing to use. She and the Pooltoy Princess of Canterlot were baking a cake for Brendan who was going to be changed back in a bit to have some nice delicious frosted cake with a nice sea blue ontop and the number-candles plopped onto it onto a upper-secondary layer. Silverstream was watching them with beaming eyes, that cake felt so tasty but she was quite a bit disappointed that she was a toy and couldn't eat some! So she waited as Cadence, Thorax and Celestia were out doing some little tasks like planning out lookouts and where to fly for training and to see first the Hippogriff toy secretly snuck in to grab the Spellbook that Brendan got of his client, intending to use it on the cake as she was just looking hard for a spell…

After her three friends were back in the pool to chill out in the sun-rays Silverstream finally had the chance to make the spell work as the Cake was now cooled down and finished being baked. She seemed to find some spell she consider more fun than eating which was…an Inflatable conversion spell as she focused on the food product and chanted the words a bit fast but workable, the Cake began to quiver before then a Valve suddenly popped up from the side! As Rubber began to overtake and hollow out the cake and after a few sorts of it merging all the parts and layers together and it becoming transparent…it began t glow a white light, full of magic from the Magical field strengthening overtime.

Silverstream was just overjoyed to see the cake now an inflatable and editable toy, squealing so loudly that it could be heard from outdoors with all windows shut! But luckily not for neighbouring homes! Phew. She grabbed the cake which never fell apart thanks to it being a singular rubber Toy and flew out like an eagle! holding it up with her squeaky claws and cheered out happily to Brendan/Cadence who was just flabbergasted to see her with the Toy-cake which is now the said pic you see now as she squeals.

"Happy Birthday Cadaaaaance! I mean Breeeendan!"

Hope you like this story! Feel free to help me with my writing and point out any mistakes that you see in it so I can improve! I hope you loved this pic! See you around as I am now 21!

MLP FIM, Silverstream, Thorax, and Celestia belong to Hasbro


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