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I had been thinking about making mlp art for a long time and finally decided to do it (not without inspiration from some other artist).
I done it in blender
I'm still new to this kind of art (and art in general), so I'm open to lightning, color, camera angle, etc criticism
explicit326579 artist:milloh1 lyra heartstrings28390 pony881438 unicorn284498 3d67600 anal25429 anus89674 bed37839 bedroom eyes54718 blender5400 butt41189 clitoris24882 cutie mark43719 disembodied penis7580 female1284584 female focus5983 horn51729 indoors2187 lip bite10786 magic68321 magic aura3317 male343163 mare438807 nudity343049 penetration52220 penis141686 sex111128 sitting57404 solo focus15690 spread pussy3383 straight127653 tail22193 vagina46782 vaginal secretions37468 wet7412 window7692


not provided yet


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