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safe1600845 artist:emeraldgalaxy103 applejack161325 fluttershy201410 pinkie pie205992 rainbow dash222505 rarity172493 spike75110 twilight sparkle286170 alicorn202774 dragon49834 earth pony210988 pegasus252263 pony869644 unicorn279199 mlp fim's tenth anniversary491 canterlot5303 castle of the royal pony sisters702 cloudsdale1218 crystal empire2126 eyes closed82806 female1273423 happy birthday mlp:fim1243 hourglass323 magic67451 mane seven6086 mane six30136 manehattan978 mare433009 ponyville5289 signature20252 sitting56628 smiling221194 twilight sparkle (alicorn)117324 winged spike7633


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