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safe1881300 artist:mkogwheel1009 starlight glimmer53119 pony1227550 unicorn402737 alternate hairstyle31598 animated107654 boop8179 female1519087 frame by frame4192 gif36264 glimmerposting289 hair flip248 horn101698 looking at you199692 mane swap551 mare567681 meme86870 s5 starlight2128 self-boop453 shrunken pupils4348 simple background464583 solo1197277 transition50 transparent background233295 trotting1607


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Dex Stewart
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Papa Smurf uses magic to disconnect her from Gargamel’s control,so maybe the blonde hair is her true appearance to her.  
It’s what she wants for herself,and not not Gargamel’s creation.
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Background Pony #07A4
It’s been five years my dude, time to move on.
Also she’s not simply a dork, she’s the best dork ever.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

It’s funny how the fandom so quickly forgave such a evil bitch. All because of her new mane style and how she’s a dork. Oh well.
Artist -

Starlight: I feel so bad right now.  
Twilight: Then change your mane style.  
Starlight: Good idea!  
Starlight: Done!
Background Pony #DE27
Well, Twilight did try to solve the commie problem permanently. Anon told her about a guy named Pinochet who disposed of commies via helicopter ride to the ocean. But all Purplederp could find for hire were some Breezies and they just dropped her in a swimming pool. Everyone is rather confused and Anon is still laughing too hard to explain “physical removal.”