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“Ah yes me, my girlfriend, her boyfriend and an old meme”
explicit423286 artist:sundown1578 applejack189119 rarity204754 human208312 ah yes me my girlfriend and her x80 ahegao30240 applebutt5790 blood28785 blushing242296 bouncing5762 bouncing breasts4501 breasts349224 busty applejack12699 busty rarity15907 butt192632 cuckolding1006 cuckquean361 erect nipples14787 female1623753 horn120747 horned humanization7569 huge butt13907 humanized111508 jacqueline applebuck306 jiggle2229 large butt26783 male468470 meme89410 motion lines855 nipple outline9892 nipples215166 nosebleed2696 nudity459065 open mouth201811 sex151135 straight161594 sweat34334 tongue out130643 underboob4617


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A waste of biomatter
Don’t worry Rarity,once he finishes pounding Applejack silly,he will be sure to pump a few loads of his seed into you as well.
Background Pony #E77C
@Background Pony #0ACF  
it’s supposed to represent intense blood flow in a G-rated context.
can’t have erections floppin around in those shonens, so the next best place is the nose
Background Pony #2EE2
“Are you sure you don’t want to join?”
“I am darling, you just have fun with Applejack”
“Just checking”
Background Pony #90A0
And meanwhile, Rarity prefers to be treated with dignity, like the proper lady she is.
Buuut secretly, she actually loves when she’s mercilessly pounded into like a piece of meat.