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Current weight: 453 lbs
Total weight thus far: 1319 lbs
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suggestive145470 artist:lupin quill937 dj pon-329471 vinyl scratch29472 pony987300 unicorn332329 series:vinyl scratch weight gain drive11 belly28974 bent over3921 big belly11667 bingo wings2424 butt62194 chubby cheeks3836 dialogue66526 double chin1881 fat22364 fat fetish1603 female1381356 fetish40769 flabby chest377 incentive drive232 large butt17258 looking at you172107 mare490962 morbidly obese7967 neck roll1028 obese11698 open mouth149869 outdoors11150 plot80490 rolls of fat1832 skyscraper266 solo1078091 sunglasses14724 talking to viewer2823 the ass was fat14020 vinyl ass565 vinyl fat246 weight gain sequence824


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Background Pony #834A
Soon she’ll meet with a threat to mobility unique to quadrupeds: having your belly get so big that it drags along-or even lifts you off-the ground.