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Apples and Riches, doing business like they’ve always had.
This is >>2306188, but colored.  
Also shout-out to the anon who did >>2308178, inspiring me to finish it.
explicit423795 artist:dtcx97791 apple bloom56856 diamond tiara11277 filthy rich1257 earth pony372149 pony1347979 age difference3528 balls97222 big dom small sub705 bisexual6275 blowjob37964 creampie39220 cum94973 cum in mouth13076 cunnilingus11418 deepthroat6211 diamondbloom251 drool30760 female1625401 filly86279 filthybloom2 foalcon20678 group sex18945 lesbian109781 male469293 nudity459657 oral58670 oral creampie6103 penis190685 sex151346 shipping232620 stallion156440 stallion on filly1091 straight161758 the cmc's cutie marks5045 threesome12868 throat bulge4172 vaginal secretions47467


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Background Pony #4870
you’ve always been one of the best, but you really came out of the gate at a full run. not even a hint of rust