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After watching the seasons I’ve already done before leaving the fandom, and starting to catch up with the ones I got left, all I can say is that friendship is indeed magic.  
There is so much I want to draw, and a lot of things to take care of. With little time on my hands and a heart full of hopes and dreams, I’ve decided to continue working hard to deliver the joy and inspiration this show has given me to others. G4 might be over, but there is much to explore and create!
I hope you like it!  
I’m grateful for your comments, reactions and even more when you share my illustrations. Thank you!

safe2117589 artist:whitequartztheartist186 applejack196154 fluttershy252007 pinkie pie249985 rainbow dash272828 rarity212893 twilight sparkle349788 alicorn302663 earth pony422866 pegasus471262 pony1478686 unicorn512396 mlp fim's tenth anniversary593 g41926607 floppy ears70279 group7151 happy birthday mlp:fim1555 mane six36818 twilight sparkle (alicorn)146015


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