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The first of this month’s Patreon rewards, with Lovebrew having an encounter with the Princesses, and them showing their magic to the curious girl~
There’s a couple of basic alts of this, of nude Lovebrew and her bimbo form :>
explicit389103 artist:rinny592 princess celestia100670 princess luna105015 oc777199 oc:lovebrew151 alicorn253474 unicorn393708 anthro292290 3d91283 abs12673 areola21982 ball fondling1147 balls87592 bedroom eyes66939 big balls12087 big breasts96005 big penis13601 bimbo5459 bimbo celestia359 bimbo luna173 bimbo oc458 bimboification1437 blender8683 blushing221737 breasts315330 busty princess celestia11346 busty princess luna7882 canon x oc28364 clothed female nude female2902 clothed sex3167 clothes518625 dickgirl2030 dickgirl on dickgirl102 dickgirl on dickgirl on dickgirl28 female1500756 flared3493 futa on futa4613 futa princess celestia2939 futa princess luna2614 grope15303 hand9861 handjob4871 horn98257 horsecock79272 impossibly large penis15691 incest14962 intersex49265 lingerie11669 magic80751 magic hands1034 mare556880 nipples192686 nudity419322 penis173458 princest2371 s1 luna7705 sex137301 shipping218218 sitting71904 smiling296983 stockings38178 stupid sexy celestia1767 stupid sexy princess luna810 thigh highs43236 trans female962 transgender2268 unicorn oc17252


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Futa and Plot Enthusiast
What a dream scenario! Sitting between two literal goddesses, who also happen to have big, throbbing horsecocks, yummy.