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Background Pony #BBAE
I find it funny how all the OP tags keep getting removed. Its like the person removing them completely misses the point
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Maybe I'm just not that into Thomas the Tank Engine,but to me he looks fine. Smiley baby Thomas? Alright. Looks like it's probably gonna be on par with Baby Looney Tunes,not what the creators intended,but perfectly acceptable for babies.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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I don't care about the other three, but WHAT THE FUCK HAS HAPPENED TO THOMAS

As someone who grew up on the original show, this makes me wanna barf.

Lost In The Static
You speak like beign in a trend is something good, when we can complain because a lot of trends that are cringe or worthless; Popular doesn't mean quality. I know there's popular shows with a really high quality, like Rick & Morty, Full Metal Alchemist, or Phineas & Ferb, but their popularity is something secundary of the quality. Also, with that in mind, then you're accepting that My Little Pony is using this style only to get popularity, because the script, the characters, and the humor left so much to wish.
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Monster Mash
Hey John Travolta, you forgot to keep in mind that animation just like everything else has trends that gets popular and then go away for the next one to appear. That bean mouth, chibi colorful style will be replaced by something else in a few years, as per change. Not to mention that back in your time in the 70's, literally everything wanted to be Hanna Barbera and copy Scooby Doo's formula. That and the reboots of old properties in space, the future or with superpowers.
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Happy 10th anniversary!
why is it that all animated shows now have the rick and morty or steven universe art style?

I assume it's the same reason alot of '60s, and '70s cartoons looked like Hanna Barbara, why many '80s shows looked animesque, why many '90s shows looked like a Nicktoon, or WB cartoon, or the 2000s looked like either a Flash internet show, or an anime.

Basically, it's what sells to the current generation.