Happy Birthday, MLP:FiM! MLP:FiM turns 11 years old this year! Let's celebrate with an art event!
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Artist Desc:
Happy #MLP10thAnniversary  
A little late.. but, I don’t care about it !
safe1765459 artist:maren769 twilight sparkle307818 alicorn235352 pony1025433 unicorn348671 mlp fim's tenth anniversary585 the last problem6162 absurd resolution67497 book34859 crown18187 crying45223 cutie mark50424 duality4400 ethereal mane8585 female1414805 glowing horn20842 happy birthday mlp:fim1350 hoof shoes5872 horn79980 jewelry70008 levitation12729 magic76125 mare508942 memories196 older28111 older twilight1939 ponyville6131 princess twilight 2.02609 regalia21470 self ponidox8420 smiling265406 stars16501 sunset5649 tears of joy2662 telekinesis29073 time paradox482 tree33989 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126884 unicorn twilight19072


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Background Pony #9E9F
G4 was the best they always teach us everything but now g4 has ended is a sad day
Background Pony #7692
@Dark cloud  
Simple solution to that comrade, don’t replace G4 with G5. Simply think of it as a new show that you wanted to watch.
Background Pony #7692
G4 Has some fav pones, best one being book horse no matter the issue.  
G5, is just a new beginning for all of us. Meaning more fav pones :3
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

I still believe that the entire series was a recounting of Twilight’s story since it opens and closes with the same book.
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Background Pony #AE86
You’ve certainly have come a long way from your younger years Twilight!
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♪ When I was young I was to
busy to make any friends. ♪
♪ Such silliness did not seem
worth the effort it expends. ♪
♪ But, my little ponies,
you opened up my eyes! ♪
♪ Now the truth is crystal clear
as splendid summer skies. ♪
♪ And it’s such a wonderful surprise! ~
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