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ok since this gave people some confusion. this drawing it's about me remembering when me and my lil sister watched the show together. it's one of my most precious memories i have of us togheter to this day. noone died, but everytime I hear that song i start crying.
safe1690606 artist:mekblue40 shining armor22967 twilight sparkle298530 oc674654 oc:mechanical star8 pegasus285619 pony952180 season 2423 bbbff179 brother and sister4151 crying43058 female1348500 livingroom1 male367393 memories187 pegasus oc9959 pointy ponies3365 royal wedding81 sad24333 siblings8290 song981 watching tv122 wings104083


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Light Blade

I 💜 Twilie
Keywords here are other-than-death. Maybe years ago you got into severe friendship-crushing argument with her at some point and now regretting it because you really loved the way things used to be. And both MLP and BBBFF are now a painful reminder for you because of that.