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Something Sappy for the 10 year anniversary.

I used to hate twilight. I thought she was spoiled and annoying even though she had the world at her fingertips. As I look back on it now, I hated twilight because we were the same.

Its been an honor to grow up with this show.
Its been an honor to see them grow up, and to see myself in every single one.

What can I say, I love these gay little horses.
safe1723934 artist:roseandcompany106 twilight sparkle302705 oc695608 alicorn227908 pony984317 unicorn331043 mlp fim's tenth anniversary582 the last problem5931 crown17421 ear piercing26930 earring21563 eyes closed95342 happy birthday mlp:fim1303 jewelry65387 older27195 older twilight1761 open mouth149313 piercing41970 princess twilight 2.02449 regalia20497 tiara4114 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124747 unicorn twilight18078 younger version1


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