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10 years

Little tribute for my little pony already 10 years .
Always adopted during all this time . My bad to use you a bit naughty x) But i like you cuttie pony . Looking the sky for notice than they become culte .

Such good time pass to watch this show . Started during the beginin of the saison 3

I've a universe pretty dark an cold but pony was here for give me mental hugs and happyness , terribly need of this in this depress world.
safe1654350 artist:hooves-art1113 applejack165637 fluttershy207152 pinkie pie211137 rainbow dash228085 rarity177224 twilight sparkle293616 alicorn214376 earth pony229719 pegasus271726 pony918808 unicorn301962 mlp fim's tenth anniversary575 3d71378 4k1606 :o3601 :p8256 book32357 cheek squish802 cuddle puddle299 cuddling8135 cute191895 dashabetes8790 dashface404 diapinkes9428 featured image843 female1317915 grin36135 happy birthday mlp:fim1302 jackabetes5673 looking up15588 mane six31073 mare456418 one eye closed28591 open mouth136345 pony pile715 raribetes5150 rock4251 shyabetes13013 smiling234000 source filmmaker43708 squee1951 squishy cheeks2262 sweet dreams fuel1164 tongue out98700 tree30829 twiabetes11256 wall of tags2843 wink23579


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Beta Upgrade

@Background Pony #7131
believe it or not, not all female bronys use the segregating pronoun, some mares still call themselves brony for various reasons, chief among them the 'pegasister' moniquir is actualy not that well known

i know at least one mare that refuses to use it for a bit of a silly reason (to me but it maters to her) that being it implies that female bronies can only be pegasi…you can see why this would be a bit…iritating…to some.
Background Pony #7131
Oh I just wish that I could recline within Fluttershy's mane or under one of her wings soo badly! 😫😭