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Version of this finished YCH picture, but with transparent background.

Felt posting it as well, when @bigonionbean posted it on DeviantArt. ^^;

His butt is 1920 pixels wide… - u -
safe1750565 artist:jean thicc2 artist:khaki-cap212 oc711990 oc only465488 oc:khaki-cap115 earth pony265959 butt65923 buttcheeks164 cap4812 clothes476009 earth pony oc9839 hat90362 hoodie14942 jealous1259 jean thicc54 jeans4338 kinky292 large butt18020 looking at you175698 looking back60104 looking back at you15976 male388053 pants15317 plot82123 pony oc424 simple background409139 sitting65590 solo1094396 stallion115746 tail hole318 thicc ass1354 transparent background208819


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