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safe1706313 alternate version45437 artist:drizziedoodles403 angel bunny9839 applejack169899 fluttershy212659 pinkie pie216211 rainbow dash233949 rarity181834 spike78782 starlight glimmer48648 sunset shimmer63011 twilight sparkle300331 alicorn224420 dragon56285 earth pony248719 pegasus291796 pony967463 rabbit5301 unicorn323298 mlp fim's tenth anniversary582 animal4343 cheek fluff5552 chest fluff39135 cuddle puddle303 cuddling8385 cute199795 ear fluff29559 eyes closed93542 female1363003 frog (hoof)12958 happy birthday mlp:fim1304 high res29533 hoof fluff1772 leg fluff3038 male372672 mane seven6512 mane six31904 mare480502 older26705 older applejack751 older fluttershy705 older mane seven243 older mane six362 older pinkie pie711 older rainbow dash834 older rarity701 older spike5272 older starlight glimmer184 older sunset56 older twilight1667 pony pile742 sleeping23449 textless398 underhoof52085


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

> Dash is holding AJs arm
> Spike’s tail is wrapped around Rarity’s tail

Subtle shipping, I’m probably the only one to notice these. Very nice touch.