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#sameartist meme


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Beau Skunky
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2019) - Celebrated Derpibooru's seventh year anniversary with friends
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Happy 10th anniversary!
@Background Pony #E653
Um, who brought up Starlight? Or you just need another post-S3 thing to complain about?

Why stop there? Why not bring up how Flurry Heart, the baby whom barely shows up in the series ruined the show too?

@northern haste
I recall, one of the showrunners hinted/teased her friends may live longer due to all the magic power they absorbed over the years, like with the elements, and such.

And it's not like Twilight is going to be ruler forever.
Background Pony #E653
@Beau Skunky

@northern haste
Yes, she was better before they cursed her. Yes, it was a curse. She's now inmortal, will watch most of those who she once loved die and their families die eventually as well. Even Spike. Dragons are not inmortal, they just have a longer lifespan… which will be even more painful when his time arrives as well. Oh, let's not forget that she's watching over Equestria… on her own! Celestia and Princess Luna just decided to leave it all to her, leaving her with even less free time. Yeah, she's so much better. Poor, poor Twilight… and everyone sang as cheered as if her curse was a good thing… Fuck the Epilogue, fuck Starlight and fuck the show after S3E12.
Background Pony #B7CF
It's so hard to find the good version of Twilight nowadays… I'm happy to see this :(