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safe1690982 artist:pony-berserker839 derpy hooves49905 fluttershy211056 pinkie pie214751 twilight sparkle298596 alicorn221567 pegasus285729 pony952656 2020373 alternate universe10219 black and white12724 blank expression68 blank eyes386 book33125 bookshelf3510 caption21309 cursed image670 drool24494 english935 evil twin45 female1348804 grayscale37692 heresy308 i never learned to read26 illiteracy52 illiterate7 impossible38 levitation11955 looking at you165757 magic72466 mare473396 monochrome148680 moral event horizon100 neo noir2125 open mouth142605 pony-berserker's twitter sketches219 pure unfiltered evil1718 simple background388139 smiling243854 something is not right12 soulless17 speech bubble22911 stippling128 teeth9466 telekinesis27333 text58742 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123030 underp692 white background96333 wide eyes16931


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