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explicit361145 artist:alcor1005 fluttershy217078 oc711139 oc:anon11925 human158807 pegasus308683 pony1009291 comic:hearts aflutter22 balls79401 blushing204388 clothed male nude female1643 comic111407 cowgirl position7293 creampie31940 crotchboobs21797 cum81583 cumming23186 cute205523 cute porn6365 female orgasm876 happy sex2173 human on pony action10696 interspecies23559 lip bite12025 nipples175186 nudity381917 orgasm12233 penetration60918 perineal raphe893 sex125564 smiling260452 spread wings56980 vaginal40998 vulva132141 wholesome porn94 wingboner8377 wings122827


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You're reading way too deep into this. "v card" is a very common phrase in the US, mostly used by physically active males in their late teens to early 30s.