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safe1970777 artist:spetu63 applejack187738 fluttershy238087 pinkie pie238521 rainbow dash259239 rarity203090 twilight sparkle332812 oc836155 oc:fausticorn1628 alicorn274252 earth pony361072 pegasus406274 pony1322462 unicorn445995 mlp fim's tenth anniversary589 :t4211 afterlife53 anniversary623 bipedal43719 blushing238494 cloud37824 crying50436 eyes closed120609 female1602415 flying47366 goddess562 good end639 grayscale43975 grin52941 group hug1093 halo2218 happy38345 happy birthday mlp:fim1535 heaven158 holding hooves2076 hug33542 immortality blues no more16 mane six35337 mare617879 meme88845 monochrome163607 mortal twilight28 open mouth197584 raised hoof59799 scrunchy face7835 silhouette2993 smiling330939 squee2061 sweet dreams fuel1885 tears of joy3065 teary eyes5650 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138519 twilight will not outlive her friends25 waving3667 wavy mouth4803 wing fluff1955


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