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Ahhhh, a decade has passed for the show that reignited and brought a community together even more than ever. Thank you for the memories~

dead source46295 safe2173624 artist:php142734 applejack200397 fluttershy258522 pinkie pie255781 rainbow dash279809 rarity217490 twilight sparkle357634 alicorn313985 earth pony446021 pegasus496197 pony1601797 unicorn537659 mlp fim's tenth anniversary599 g42027570 :p14381 applejack's hat14425 book43548 chest fluff65493 chibi18398 cowboy hat25703 cute265639 dashabetes12233 diapinkes12598 ear fluff50689 eyes closed138908 freckles43834 group7954 happy birthday mlp:fim1555 hat124174 jackabetes7938 mane six37597 one eye closed45708 open mouth237380 raised hoof69862 raised leg11872 raribetes7013 sextet425 shyabetes19224 tongue out147083 twiabetes15284 twilight sparkle (alicorn)149081 wink32908 zoom layer1956


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