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Happy tenth anniversary to the show that forever ruined the Internet, the lives of little girls everywhere and our lives forever :,)

Had to whip this one up really fast seeing that it was the anniversary and I finished it just in time! With that, I'm proud to be a fan of this show despite its ups and downs, helped me with a lot of things like interact with other people, make new friends, get me started on making art and such. God bless this show! <3

Art by me
Twilight Sparkle belongs to Hasbro/DHX
safe1704029 artist:myoozik51 derpibooru exclusive28350 twilight sparkle300041 alicorn224030 pony965312 unicorn322222 mlp fim's tenth anniversary581 the last problem5771 anniversary452 anniversary art30 book33405 book of harmony115 clothes458756 crossed hooves1942 crown16887 cutie mark47623 ethereal mane7939 ethereal tail414 female1360833 folded wings6011 happy birthday mlp:fim1304 hoof on chin551 hoof shoes5378 horn66861 jewelry63404 looking up16424 mare479402 older26651 older twilight1652 open book99 pages23 photo79492 princess twilight 2.02347 purple eyes2331 regalia19865 self ponidox8099 shoes36310 sitting63075 smiling247620 tail27660 text59453 thinking1918 traditional art117698 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123558 unicorn twilight17373 wings106918


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