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Get it? Cause they're small? And MUCH littler ponies?

I KINDA like it, it's not bad, but it's not that good either.

I wanted to change some of the skin tones just cause, it's fun!

Also bruh, what's with their personalities, EXPECIALLY FLUTTERSHY?
safe1726154 artist:mirabuncupcakes15171 applejack171460 fluttershy214774 pinkie pie218099 rainbow dash236102 rarity183549 twilight sparkle302988 human156631 my little pony: pony life5609 pony life6088 alicorn humanization283 alternate hairstyle28588 applejack's hat7691 belt5624 boots22386 clothes466857 converse5741 cowboy boots1566 cowboy hat16323 cute202759 dark skin4667 eyeshadow16065 female1380535 flats407 grin39582 hat88280 high heel boots5785 horned humanization6836 humanized100865 makeup22088 mane six32226 mary janes1141 open mouth149747 pants14906 scarf23549 shirt25492 shoes37570 shorts14224 skirt40352 smiling254103 socks67394 sweater14696 sweatershy3190 sweatpants368 t-shirt4542 tanktop7834 vest3955 winged humanization8770


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