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Get it? Cause they’re small? And MUCH littler ponies?
I KINDA like it, it’s not bad, but it’s not that good either.
I wanted to change some of the skin tones just cause, it’s fun!
Also bruh, what’s with their personalities, EXPECIALLY FLUTTERSHY?
safe1755333 artist:mirabuncupcakes15173 applejack173629 fluttershy217656 pinkie pie220587 rainbow dash239026 rarity186012 twilight sparkle306679 human159339 my little pony: pony life5703 pony life6194 alicorn humanization287 alternate hairstyle29168 applejack's hat8536 belt5892 boots23017 clothes477402 converse5859 cowboy boots1600 cowboy hat17299 cute206249 dark skin4806 eyeshadow16665 female1406023 flats428 grin41241 hat90709 high heel boots5898 horn78394 horned humanization6907 humanized102080 makeup22942 mane six32652 mary janes1150 open mouth155405 pants15385 scarf23911 shirt26308 shoes38912 shorts14582 skirt41199 smiling262569 socks68728 sweater14957 sweatershy3211 sweatpants383 t-shirt4678 tanktop8100 vest4025 winged humanization8857


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