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This drawing has a thematic similar to one that I did a while ago

Only it has something different, and it is that it is the first time that I try to make a background xd.. that was the best that I could make xD I hope to improve that in the future

Explicit version here >>2462701
suggestive130693 artist:drawalaverr47 bon bon15555 lyra heartstrings28219 sweetie drops15560 earth pony210104 pony867697 unicorn278156 2 handfuls of dat ass2447 bon butt130 bush2382 butt38218 butt grab2273 butt touch3193 disgusted1098 dock44900 eye clipping through hair4328 eyeshadow13716 female1271292 grope11553 hand7980 house2003 lesbian91075 lyrabon3130 magic67266 magic abuse540 magic aura3221 magic hands742 makeup18612 mare431736 open mouth127163 shipping186030 smiling220689 squishy2275 the ass was fat12830


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Background Pony #E185
I've just read the prequel to "Sour Candy" titled "Miss Me?" and it was sort of hot but also pretty disgusting, here's hoping that the sequel will be the jizzing experience I'm craving.
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Background Pony #7238
You sure have a nice butt there Bon-Bon. Just relax and let me snuggle on these lovely cheeks.