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explicit344312 artist:epicsubterfuge13 applejack167869 rarity179563 earth pony239308 pony943072 unicorn312738 blushing193272 bucktooth571 cowboy hat15254 crying42737 cutie mark46896 derp6719 digital art17854 drool24291 drunk4794 drunk aj303 drunk rarity187 duo58856 ear licking75 female1340200 from behind12996 glowing horn19125 hat84726 horn62727 lesbian95281 licking19803 licking ear23 magic71937 mare468450 open mouth140779 rarijack6973 sex118745 shipping196865 speech bubble22634 tail26325 tears of pleasure775 text58324 tongue out101351


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Contains GPE propaganda
Irony that despite being the one currently getting "filled",
Rarity certainly appears to be deflating. Applejack's just that dense I guess. xD