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Watching mlp from the first seasons  
#MLPFiM #rainbow_dash
safe1770106 artist:rrd-artist185 ahuizotl843 daring do6527 rainbow dash240365 pegasus316736 pony1030032 read it and weep685 bandage5921 bandaid2011 bed42904 big eyes1117 blanket5581 book34977 colored pupils10326 crepuscular rays3210 cute208068 dashabetes9745 egghead314 featured image919 female1418804 grin41956 high res34625 hoof hold8817 hospital1527 imagination310 injured wing117 looking back61135 male394157 mare511131 pillow18924 reading6490 reading rainbow121 rope12026 scene interpretation8982 smiling266862 smirk13275 sparkles4900 spread wings58206 starry eyes3591 wingding eyes23840 wings126915


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

A neutral person
This is literally like Where The Wild Things Are. Just like when Max’s room turned into a forest, Rainbow Dash’s room is turning into the jungle Daring Do explores.
Algebroot Neogears
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Science fiction fan
Pretty much what I sometimes do while reading: Try to imagine the book into a movie, with a view of the world and the characters. Of course, it doesn’t always work because some characters never get described. But it can be a fun way to read a story.