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Fluttershy is cuter than me >3> https://t.co/4cJNmd6Vu3
safe1751092 artist:php142732 fluttershy217288 pegasus309352 pony1011096 blatant lies1347 blushing204739 bust52616 cheek fluff5928 chest fluff41232 cute205757 daaaaaaaaaaaw4686 dialogue68049 ear fluff31207 eyes closed98147 female1402360 floppy ears54532 heart50053 hooves to the chest540 i'm not cute399 impossibly large chest fluff133 mare502416 no u79 open mouth154504 pink background3209 raised hoof48457 shyabetes14510 simple background409326 smiling261141 solo1094731 spread wings57104 three quarter view1629 weapons-grade cute3763 wings123220


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