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Autumn Blaze being a cute lonely Kirin.

My FA: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/wispysworkshop/
My Newgrounds: https://wispysworkshop.newgrounds.com/
This art was streamed on Picarto! Tune in to https://picarto.tv/WispysWorkshop for more!
safe1598274 artist:wispy tuft97 autumn blaze3440 insect1415 kirin7161 ladybug560 nirik347 pony867685 :p7497 angry24631 awwtumn blaze669 cloven hooves8980 crying40520 cute183214 dialogue60089 eyes closed82588 fire10327 floppy ears47003 grumpy2356 lonely549 open mouth127162 png165 simple background353666 singing5897 skipping83 solo990760 teary eyes3515 teeth7925 tongue out93029 transparent background183295


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The magic's gone :-(
For some reason I keep imagining her as cat-sized. A cat-sized ball of fire that's hissing at you.