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safe1659482 artist:batipin139 juniper montage1292 pinkie pie211557 starlight glimmer47228 sunset shimmer60979 trixie65788 wallflower blush1978 equestria girls193757 alcohol6906 beer1617 blushing189866 breasts265770 busty starlight glimmer2303 cellphone3241 cider2514 couch7819 drinking3290 drunk4709 drunk trixie7 drunker glimmer30 drunker shimmer45 drunkie pie280 female1322331 go home you're drunk170 grin36363 hard cider36 looking at you160263 lying down14499 magical trio447 open mouth137461 phone5763 smartphone1788 smiling236021 the great and alcoholics trixie70 volumetric mouth605


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Cause the BPs that re-upload images either don't think, try to show off someone else's work…again when the original was clearly already uploaded, or yes, trying to get more upvotes and fame off of someone else's work. Thankfully merging happens sometime afterwards.
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Look in other countries there are different drinking ages like European countries that the drinking ages from 16 to 18 and there are other countries that don't have a drinking age at all

Surrounded by infatuated drunken closeted lesbians, Sunset Shimmer began to wonder if it had been entirely sensible to make friends with all the other outcasts with dark backstories. She knew one thing: bringing Pinkie Pie to the party as a 'chaperone' had not been sensible at all.