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Originally posted on: September 22, 2020, 8:41 PM UTC  
If you have a Twitter account, I’m pretty confident you’ve heard of a trend called Six Fanarts. The general purpose of this trend is to inspire artists draw any characters they want in their own way. Some people choose the characters they want, while others depend on their followers to suggest characters for them (it’s usually the latter case).
As an artist myself, I was temped to join in on the action as well. I asked my followers which characters they would like to see me draw. I gave some rules first: 1) No anime characters, 2) No OCs, 3) No Loud House/Casagrandes characters, and 4) I will not take characters I did for my first round. After choosing the six characters I wanted to draw, my main goal was to make it superior to my first one. This included having a much cleaner look to it with better outlines and better coloring. Another one of my goals was to have the characters try to interact with each other or the template I used, as it would give the picture a sense of awareness.
At this point, I bet you’re probably wondering, “Where’s the first one?” I did my first one a few months ago, but looking back at it now, I’m not exactly satisfied with the way it came out, because instead of drawing the characters out on paper first then doing it on Photoshop, I did it all on Photoshop because I wanted to see if I can draw characters without guidelines. Without any outlines to guide me, all the outlines are not exactly the cleanest. If I had time, I would probably redo it and call it “remastered”.
Special thanks to the six people who suggested the characters, and I hope you enjoyed my take on drawing these characters. If possible, I may do a third round.
safe1863091 artist:animationfan154 fluttershy227821 human180389 pegasus356895 platypus69 pony1207535 anthro292643 amphibia63 anthro with ponies2853 aqua teen hunger force262 bust60864 crossover66304 dark skin6853 drinking3988 female1502607 flag4488 hat99617 henry stickmin37 king (the owl house)76 male423348 mare557962 master shake46 perry the platypus76 phineas and ferb314 six fanarts1808 stick figure363 the owl house236


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