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The Great Equestrian Baking Show.
safe1676374 artist:dstears634 fizzlepop berrytwist9170 princess celestia93801 princess luna97936 tempest shadow16603 alicorn218683 unicorn311110 my little pony: the movie18779 alternate hairstyle27394 apron4169 blushing192610 broken horn13672 brutal honesty68 cake9615 cakelestia1060 chocolate3309 clothes448874 cup6126 dish84 eyes closed90082 floating heart2228 food68251 fork865 fruit1020 heart47097 herbivore720 horn62056 jar1026 jewelry60712 kitchen1774 magic71762 nervous5554 nose wrinkle2942 open mouth140120 pigtails4632 poking586 regalia19049 royal sisters4312 sisters8500 speech bubble22502 strawberry932 sweat25543 sweatdrop3068 telekinesis27056 the great british bake off1 window8256


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vacant expression
I can actually hear Luna and Celestia speaking in Paul and Prue's respective voices.

Also, shouldn't the apron, if anything, be on her back, not her stomach?
Background Pony #A754
Celestia being lovingly motherly while Luna's watched one too many episodes of Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares.