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The Great Equestrian Baking Show.
safe1598308 artist:dstears614 fizzlepop berrytwist8968 princess celestia90394 princess luna94749 tempest shadow15990 alicorn202191 unicorn278159 my little pony: the movie18144 alternate hairstyle25185 apron3894 blushing179538 broken horn13075 cake9079 cakelestia1019 chocolate2969 clothes418922 cup5686 dish75 eyes closed82589 floating heart1738 food62956 fork818 fruit942 heart43989 horn49230 jar947 jewelry53842 kitchen1604 magic67266 nervous5154 nose wrinkle2848 open mouth127165 pigtails4081 poking572 regalia17284 royal sisters4005 sisters7641 speech bubble20759 strawberry851 sweat23720 sweatdrop2817 telekinesis25088 the great british bake off1 window7550


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vacant expression
I can actually hear Luna and Celestia speaking in Paul and Prue's respective voices.

Also, shouldn't the apron, if anything, be on her back, not her stomach?
Background Pony #A754
Celestia being lovingly motherly while Luna's watched one too many episodes of Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares.