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You know what happens if you don't head straight to grandma's house? You get a big hot lesbian wolf gf :P
safe1708155 artist:badumsquish1968 derpibooru exclusive28421 bon bon16378 lyra heartstrings29572 sweetie drops16378 original species25171 pony969264 unicorn324135 wolf1887 wolf pony253 big bad wolf25 blushing197935 bow28697 cute200069 dreamworks face912 duo61492 fairy tale64 female1364717 fluffy14258 forest10188 hood1306 lesbian97092 little red riding hood98 looking back57521 lyrabetes1370 lyrabon3321 shipping200441 show accurate15541 size difference14323 species swap19771 two-tone coat115 walking4781


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Background Pony #3C6D
I would love to see badumsquish make a gender bent beauty and the Beast pic. I guess either chrysalis or nightmare moon could be the beast and shining armor or gmhaa could be beauty,in the original tale beauty shared a bed with the beast twice so beauty had sex with the beast twice,and beauty's sisters got jealous that beauty was marrying a prince, so they drowned her in a sink on her wedding day than the fairy who turned the prince into a beast brought beauty back to life and turned her sisters to stone till someone falls in love with them. I also would love to see what badumsquish can do with Aladdin, the sphinx is basically a djinn so she would make a great genie not sure who would be Aladdin though
Background Pony #231E
Am i the only one who thinks wolf bon bon and red riding lyra look spoiler]sexy?[/spoiler]
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What big eyes you have,
The kind of eyes that drive wolves mad.
So just to see that you don't get chased,
I think I ought to walk with you for a ways
What full lips you have,
They're sure to lure someone bad.
So until you get to grandma's place,
I think you ought to walk with me and be safe.