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suggestive145286 artist:lordstormcaller120 fluttershy214657 anthro264089 plantigrade anthro33411 absurd resolution66486 belly28905 big belly11628 big breasts83578 breasts282681 busty fluttershy17558 butt61929 confident803 exercise694 eyes closed95447 fat22332 fattershy1156 female1379425 flutterbold5 flutterbutt5214 literal402 open mouth149507 solo1076690 sweat26898 thighs14261 weight loss91


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Background Pony #A7F9
I like both the before and after images.

Also, how the hell would she have burned 49.9 pounds of fat/"Flutter butter" without regaining a bit of weight by building up muscle? 'Cause muscle is a lot heavier than fat.