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Computer bullying Wallflower.

(Third panel from: >>2326107)


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Personally, the reason I hate Wallflower so much is because she reminded me of, well, ME.
I have Social Anxiety, so I know how hard it can be to get peoples attention or start or join in a conversation.
But I got therapy, and I told people about my problems, and while I still stumble every now and then, I'm in a much better place.

Wallflower, on the other hand, blames everyone else for what is, as she admits in the end, a problem of her own making.
She erases memories of public speaking or awkward hellos, and has the nerve to admonish everyone for not noticing or remembering her, instead of doing something about it.
She even says that Sunset never bullied her, so her blaming of Sunset comes across as unwarranted.
It's the same way Stygian didn't work as a character/redemption/reformation, because he had a similiar problem.

Wallflower comes across as more hypocritical and entitled than I think the writers meant for her to.
Background Pony #5A95
y wallflower always getting hate? she just wiped a few memories. compared to other villains, thats super mundane