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Artist's comment:
This Fluttershy is too cute!

Fluttershy plush made by @AZ_urier
safe1602378 artist:nekokevin983 artist:shunnkai13 derpy hooves48452 fluttershy201582 rainbow dash222668 twilight sparkle286382 alicorn203148 pegasus252762 pony870812 4de340 clothes420495 crossed hooves1746 female1274703 happy28475 hooves in air201 irl67758 looking at you150078 mare433652 on top1069 open mouth127815 photo76039 plushie22340 sitting56727 size difference12639 smiling221540 socks58676 spread wings49072 striped socks19737 twilight sparkle (alicorn)117444 underhoof47438 wings84757


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Background Pony #330B
RD: "fluttershy get off of me. wait what are you- screaming STOP IT PLEASE"