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"Relax everypony. She doesn't bite…"
-Flurry Heart
-Cozy sticks her tongue out.

"… that hard…"
-Flurry Heart
suggestive142856 artist:jennobasilicum82 cozy glow7395 princess flurry heart7254 alicorn224198 pegasus291200 pony966205 :p8878 alternate hairstyle28065 bedroom eyes59336 blanket5306 butt58537 clothes459098 cozyheart30 female1361763 females only12623 hair over one eye9003 lesbian96880 mare479867 nightgown1423 older26680 older cozy glow318 older flurry heart1466 plot78826 see-through5120 shipping200066 tongue out103802 underhoof52035


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