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After a long journey of finding the tree of harmony, chrysalis noticed her subjects (the mean six) not behaving how she wanted them to behave. They kept doing silly stuff and the opposite of the mane six would act. Queen chrysalis had enough and then cape up with an idea. Her idea was to tickle them until they listened. With that being said, she brought them together and then plucked out rainbow dash’s, fluttershy’s, and twilight’s feathers. For the others, she teleported random feathers for them. Soon, she began tickling them all over with the feathers. Chrysalis gave a sinister smirk as she tickled them.
Mean twilight: laughing chrysalis, stop! What are you doing?
Mean pinkie pie: kicking tickles are so lame! Hahaha!
Applejack: smiles make it stahp! Make it stahp!
Rarity: laughs I don’t know how long this is gonna last, but these feathers are gonna be mine! Hehehahahaha!
Rainbow dash: nooo! Eek! Please stop tickling! squeals
Fluttershy: uncontrollable laughter i’m so gonna kill you for this! Hehehe!
Twilight: cease this right now! Haha! We- we need to get to the TREHEHEE!
chrysalis: maybe if you would listen to your queen, then we would already me on the move. But since you want to act flippant, I see no reasoning of stopping. grins
safe1769245 artist:princessdestiny200i51 mean applejack266 mean fluttershy236 mean pinkie pie206 mean rainbow dash197 mean rarity269 mean twilight sparkle743 queen chrysalis35734 alicorn236018 changeling50542 earth pony274176 pegasus316319 pony1029128 unicorn350257 the mean 61695 bipedal36822 clone2874 clone six61 everfree forest2096 eyes closed99902 eyeshadow17017 feather6357 female1418022 fetish42284 flying40024 front hoof tickling75 glowing horn20933 hoof fetish2468 hoof tickling753 horn80651 laughing8398 levitation12759 magic76349 makeup23403 mare510695 multiple tickling1 open mouth158049 raised hoof49312 raised leg8211 rearing5946 sitting66485 telekinesis29165 tickle torture2491 tickling4803 wat19592


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