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Later, Shiny is consumed by an overwhelming urge to play Minecraft.
safe1602380 artist:hoofclid92 shining armor21904 pony870815 unicorn279817 comic102448 dialogue60274 eating8905 eyes closed82935 food63332 implied princess cadance227 letter2909 looking at you150079 male339155 offscreen character30706 open mouth127815 pickaxe512 pun7206 puns in the comments104 question mark4114 quill2543 rock4105 sandwich1858 simple background355293 solo993725 stallion96195 tongue out93434 whining181 whining armor43 white background88881 writing1145


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Background Pony #20EC
Making public punning a _pun_ishable offense and handing out tickets.

Fining Armor.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Literary siren
I don't normally upload Hoof's art to Derpi (because I'm too lazy hahaha he does like having his art here), but I couldn't resist sharing this one. Especially because of panel 3, Shining's expression is just so precious
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