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explicit362148 artist:alcor1005 fluttershy217530 oc713192 oc:anon11926 human159145 pegasus310140 pony1012948 comic:hearts aflutter22 anatomically correct24858 anus100440 beautisexy939 blushing205027 comic111598 crotchboobs21854 cute206029 cute porn6374 grinding1188 human on pony action10732 interspecies23641 loving tender sex175 nipples175765 no pubic bone30 nudity383027 penetration61169 sex126000 vaginal41142 vulva132561 wholesome porn94 yellow anus3 yellow nipples22


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Damn, this is beautiful.
@Background Pony #B506  
The way he draws mares in general is amazing. Their bodies are very sexy. The teats, genitals, muscles, curves, fluff and proportions. Their faces are very beautiful. The eyes, nose, ears and mouth. There are few artists who can match Alcor when it comes to drawing nsfw mares. And none of them have the dedication to draw entire comics, so Alcor is truly unique.
Background Pony #B506
So damn good, Alcor is definitely king when it comes to human and pony action, I tell you what